Skull Jacket (Leather)
The Grim Reaper

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Class, Badass and unique, this Skull Jacket gonna incarnate your vigor and leadership in the road and in your life. Made with a perfect black buffalo Leather, this is made for you dear Biker, Metalhead and Punk.

  • Buffalo Leather: high-quality, thick and strong 💀
  • Superior Endurance: a vest with solid leather and durability
  • Biker Jacket: reinforced for protecting you on road
  • Composition: Made with 100% Buffalo Leather
  • Cleaning guidance: select a correct leather cleaning product

If you are looking for a stylish leather jacket, then look no further than the Skull Leather Jacket. The skull-inspired jacket is made in black leather with a zip closure and buttons at the sleeves. This jacket comes in a variety of colors and the front has the skull graphic. It also has a collar with embroidery on it and is machine washable. It's a great jacket to wear during the warmer months.

The other great thing about this jacket is the unique way it looks like a skull. When you take a closer look, the zippers in the jacket close on your wrists and there is a zipper down the back of the jacket. They come in a size small so don't be too anxious about trying it on if you are wearing something larger, though it is nice that they do adjust to your waist and shoulders. It's very warm and looks great with pants or skirts. If you are a woman that likes to layer clothing, it's an easy jacket to wear under all sorts of clothes.

It doesn't matter what the occasion is, you can't go wrong with this jacket. You can have one for a casual day out or you can wear one to work in a nice business suit. Either way, this jacket will give your look an amazing look and make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Go out there and make that day just a little bit cooler with a great jacket like the skull-inspired leather jacket.

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