N95 Skull Mask
Skeleton Rider

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The N95 Skull Mask Skeleton Rider provides effective protection in the city against viruses, pollution peaks, bacteria and other allergenic substances. This face mask combines a carbon filter and the comfort of two valves for a better exhalation!

  • High Quality: Realised from 100% neoprene, environmental, and non-toxic
  • Protection: The high-end certified filter gonna protect you from any virus
  • One size fits all: Suitable for any morphology thanks to the very comfortable design and worked to fit your face
  • Certified: The N95 and FFP1 standard with a PM2.5 class filter will eliminate submicronic microparticles.
  • Our best products: You can find many masks of this style, but the quality is not always there. That's why Unholy Skull offers you the best quality masks you can find.

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