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Skull Modern History

Unholy Skull is a leading supplier with one of the largest choice and superior quality jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

We love skulls and the history behind it, during the 1970s. Skulls images appeared first on t-shirts, accessories, and art. Also at the same period, Skulls were an act of rebellion, Skull Rings got popular thanks to the rockstars and bikers crew. Furthermore, everybody knows the American artist, Andy Warhol, he was one of the first mainstream artists to create with skull print. Then, it got more and more popular with some music movements like metal or punk and jam bands. Later, skulls became the symbol of modern art, and several high-end fashion brands start to embroiled and use this image.

Today, Skull is unbelievably trendy, and always appears on fashion shows and fashion weeks all around the world.


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The Brand

At Unholy Skull, our passion goes far beyond the store, we believe passionately in great handmade products and excellent service, which is why we commit ourselves to give you the best of both.

Skulls are more than just a symbol or a decoration, they are a movement like family. Skulls is a philosophy of life for people who want to bike against the flow. We hate the conformity; we aim to follow our own rules.

Unholy Skull has everything you need for Bikers, Gothic fans, or simply Skull Head lovers. Whether you are looking for Skull Rings, Skull Necklaces, or clothing such as Skull T-Shirt, Skull Vest, or Skull Leather Jacket, you’ve found your Hell!

Free Souls, if like us, common laws do not apply to you, let us show you our universe. Our years of experience in Rings hand makers are part of the heritage that we want to introduce you. 

We are mainly using Sterling Sliver Stainless for our jewels, here is all the reason why: First of all, this ring for men is made with resistant, rustproof and selected materials by our own silver and stainless experts. All of them are hypoallergenic, you won't have any skin issues or allergies.

Moreover, it is easy to clean, you can wash it with a bit of soap and water in your hands.

Sterling Silver Ring also makes a great investment, it is considered like the best material for resistant rings, necklaces or bracelets. If you like luxury materials, this will make a difference on your hands for sure.

Finally, those pieces of jewelry are perfect for birthdays, or as anniversary rings and replace the old eternity band or engagement ring.

Welcome to your favorite Hell!

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Our Warranty

Unholy Skull can inspire you on what to wear! Our continually growing collections and unique products will complete beautifully your fashionable wardrobe; you can find the latest must-have pieces. Make your casual look special and make people curious about this new vital piece in menswear.

Handcrafting is a discipline that requires meticulousness as well as exceptional savoir-faire. All our pieces are the result of hard work and expertise which will assure you reliability.

We pass on this passion every day in the care we take with our quality products. For us, rings, necklaces, or jackets are not just an accessory, it is the reflection of the personality of its purchaser. 

Why choose Unholy Skull products? 

We Handmade all our Rings, it offers you higher quality, extraordinary sustainability and perfect control of the design. Handmade products is eco-friendly, our work takes less energy because it is all done at the same place. We are Free Souls, but we love our planet.We use 925 Sterling Silver, It makes the best quality for Rings and Necklace. Unique design, we create all the designs and pick all the colors by ourselves. Free shipping, we offer the delivery fees to our client, no extra fees. Easy return, any problem with your order? Let us know, we will send you a new one. Be a part of our community, we are really active on Instagram to answer you and our blog is frequently updated to give the newest information about the Skull sphere. Made with passion, Unholy Skull is more than just a store for us, it is a passion that we want to share with of you.

The high standards we set for ourselves are essential in order to provide you with the best possible shopping experience. 

We are sure of the total reliability and quality, which is why we offer a 14-day return guarantee. Our policy is and will remain 100% satisfied or refunded.

If you don't believe us, just look at the hundreds of positive reviews left by our customers.

What's more, for us safety is a top priority! Our means of payment are 100% secure thanks to SSL encryption. Our online store offers you the possibility shop from your home or your office and we will ship your order very soon!

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