Skull Rings

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139 products

Have you ever dreamed of having the style of a badass biker or a Rockstar? Or do your friends not take you seriously? We have the perfect piece of jewelry for you. Skull Rings are here to level your self-confidence up and boost your look in any situation.

Symbols behind the Skull Ring

During the 70’s, this jewelry got popular thanks to the bikers and rock stars. This old but gold accessory has always been a great idea to assert your style and identity.

  • The skull ring’s meaning is obviously death, originally put on tombstones it has briefly appeared in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Victorians would also wear Skull Rings for the beloved ones who died and to remind them of their own mortality. This memento mori also celebrates life, it pushes you to act brave, to do what you aspire to, like there is no tomorrow.
  • Skulls are also a reference to human identity, our equality, at the end of the road, we are all the same, rich or poor, good or bad.

The Skull Ring through pop culture

From Keith Richards and Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones) to Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) the famous long beard, etc. These famous men, bikers or rockstars are the symbols of real masculinity. Johnny Depp while being a famous actor, he is a great musician and loves to wear skull rings, that is why Jack Sparrow’s role fits him so well.

Nowadays, even pop-stars wear Skull Rings. For example, Elton John wore a skull deadly earring. It is known to be for men but even Rihanna tattooed one on her ankle. We also saw Katy Perry wearing multiple dressy skulls outfits. 

What Skull Rings say about you?

Wearing a Skull Ring is an act of rebellion, and shows that you are not afraid to fight for what you want. This motto proclaims your masculinity and increases your self-confidence which can help in your career and romantic life.

Skull Rings for women are here to assert your strength, independence and to be proud of it. Therefore, you will have to toughen up if you want to wear this noble jewel. 

How to wear Skull Rings?

Skull Rings look really cool with absolutely anything!

A. Legendary pieces with your Skull Ring

especially with a leather jacket, denim jacket, bomber jacket and jeans. But do not be afraid to wear it with a more casual outfit as a street style or business casual outfit, a tuxedo, a military or workwear uniform, a big coat, a stylish belt, a flattering vest, even with a sweater.

Attire yourself with a unique piece of jewelry and dress up with fantastic vests, pants, double-breasted or single-breasted suits with a tie.

B. Ladies'n'Rings

For the ladies, it goes really well with dresses, and all kinds of outerwear as blazers, suit jacket, pull over and wool-blend blazer. There is definitely no dress code to dress up with a Skull Ring, you just have to choose in your closet what clothing you like. It will bring a little outsider spirit touch to your look.

Finally, Skull Rings can inspire you on what to wear, it will complete beautifully your fashionable wardrobe, make your casual look special and make people curious about this new vital piece in menswear. Thanks to trouble maker image, there is no « how to wear » rules, you only have to love it.