Skull Bandanas

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38 products

Skulls have become a symbol of the underground aesthetic and reflect that, despite the ties imposed on us by our environment, it is possible to escape from everything and be yourself wherever you are. A skull bandana, however, it is made, always gives personality, and helps to create a look. Skulls, besides being a classic, have been around for a few years.

How to wear Bandanas?

It is a low-cost accessory that makes you rock, cool, heavy, etc. So whatever style you have, always have a pair of bandanas in your closet. With just one scarf, you can give a very different touch to your look.

Bandana to mark personality

Bandanas always mark style and personality, not everybody dares to wear one in bandana form and less with skulls. If you dare, with just this detail, you'll change even the simplest of skull and denim t-shirt looks. 

What is a rocker without his or her scarf tied around the neck? It's the classic detail that can't be missing from classic rockers or rockers for a day. For fashionistas, a knot in the center of the neck, over the shoulders with a knot at each end, like a sash... a thousand and one possibilities for fashion lovers.