What does the Military Skull mean?

1) Skull and Crossbones: A powerful symbolic

The skull and crossbones have always been a symbol linked to death, it is normal that many cultures and movements have proudly displayed it.

During the Middle Ages, European armies utilized this symbol to announce to their enemies the terror that would fall on them in battles. ⚔️

Of course, this symbol also reigned bloody on the sea, with the pirate flag “Jolly Roger”.

Some Templar and chivalric orders wore this emblem during their crusade.

All these uses influenced and offered a warlike image to the deadhead, which is what gave it its present meaning.

Skull and Crossbones Pirate Flag

2) The meaning of Military Skull

The different skull and crossbones symbols are very common in modern armies, from the USA to Russia and Germany, it is everywhere. 

But why? 🤔

Its iconography raises the morale of the troops while intimidating their opponents. 

One might think it’s a funny figure, but no, it’s a powerful message that reminds the units that they take the enemy seriously because the consequence of war is real. ☠️

This symbol goes hand in hand with the squad’s unborn names; Spartans, Outlaw, Reapers, …

Soldier Skull Mask

3) The use of the Military Skull

A) Naval Warfare Use

The submarines of the British Royal Navy often used the symbol of the Joly Roger as a sign of victory after a successful fight. This symbol has now become the hallmark of its service for its representation of bravery and furtiveness.

Jolly Roger British Royal Navy

On the United States side, it is employed by several Naval Aviation squadrons, such as the famous VFA-103 named “Jolly Rogers”. These planes are easily recognizable with their skull painted on an all-black aileron.

VFA 103 Jolly Rogers

B) Land Warfare Use

Lancers, hussars, and dragons utilized the skull and crossbones a lot whether on their uniforms, flags or patches. 

British lancers have a skull and crossbones with the sentence “Death or Glory” as their emblem. 🇬🇧

The French hussars used this symbol during the French Revolution to form the “Hussars of Death”. Its slogan was “Freedom or Death”.

Hussars of Death

The Nazis are also known for their use of the “Totenkopf” (mean in German “dead man’s head”).

The SS. Waffen used this symbol everywhere, it was the identification sign of the senior members of the SS divisions.

The skull and crossbones were also the emblem of the Chetniks, the Yugoslavian army. This symbol was used a lot during the Second World War, but especially in the Yugoslavian wars by the Serbian loyalists. 🇷🇸

Chetnik Skull

C) Aerial Warfare Use

The skull and crossbones were adorned by numerous air squadrons during the world premiere. 

French fighter planes won many air battles, but it was mainly a winning man who was known for the symbol on his plane. 💀

Charles Nungesser was an elite pilot and fighter with his 43-air victories. He had a black heart with a skull and crossbones under a coffin and candlestick on his plane, enough to scare his enemies!

 Charles Nungesser Plane

4) Spread the death with Kula Tactical

A military unit, even wearing a skull head like a symbol, is nothing without reliable equipment. Here is when the Kula Tactical team is coming in. With their collection of camouflage military clothing used by Russian Spetsnaz, it’s much easier to kill without being spotted. By the way, it’s the specialty of snipers: to decide when somebody will die just pulling a trigger, like an angel of the death. Anyway, to lead their special tasks up to the end, they require army backpacks to carry their military equipment: to be a deadly machine is a hard job.

Russian Military Uniform

5) The best Skull and Crossbones Symbol 

And for your viewing pleasure, our team has listed below a top military skull symbol!

 1st Battalion, 9th Marines United States1st Fighter Squadron United States1st Reconnaissance Battalion United States2nd Battalion 9th Marines United States

 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment, United States.D Company, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, United States.2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, United States.2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, United States.

3rd Infantry Division, South Korea. 3rd SS Division Logo3rd Reconnaissance Battalion United States Logo4th Fighter Squadron United States Logo4th Reconnaissance Battalion United States Logo 

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