Top 20 of Best Skull Rings for 2020

Whether you are a metalhead, a gothic, a biker or a rock music fan, you know that details are what makes the difference to refine your style, especially accessories. Forget about cross earrings, necklaces, this year, we propose you the Skull Ring, a unique and timeless accessory inspired by years of passion for music, motorcycles, and gothic art. 

The death symbolism is known all over the world and crossed centuries to become a fashionable jewel full of dark and bright stories. Skull Rings are originally worn by Victorians during the XIXth century to remind them of the death of close family members and friends. Then it got popular in the 1970’s thanks to the Hollywood industry, showing bikers crew, gangsters and rockstars wearing them. If you want to be part of these badass people, Skull Rings are the solution.

This iconic jewel is an echo of violence and danger, but also of life, to remind you how short it is. Nowadays, everyone can proudly wear a Skull Ring, and it gives a deadly sparkle to your fashion habit. This famous item is one of the coolest so let me show you our 20 favorites Skull Rings for 2020.

20) The Grim Reaper Skull Ring

Grim Reaper Skull Ring

This Skull Ring personifies the famous deity, the Grim Reaper which incarnates death. It is represented as a human skeleton carrying a scythe and wearing a large hooded cape. She causes your death by coming to you and taking your soul, then she leads you to the afterlife.

You have absolutely no power over her, if it comes to you, it is already too late, no deities could help you. This Skull Silver Ring is handcrafted, therefore, it has beautiful details and precisions. Silver is a material easy to wash and maintain, it does not rust or fades. It comes in multiple sizes to fit perfectly your fingers.

19) The Spartan Skull Ring

Spartan Skull Ring 

This splendid Skull Ring represents the very famous helmet of the brave Spartan army. If you are passionate about antiquity, this ring is made for you. In ancient Greece, the legendary city-state of Sparta was a warrior society which used to train its citizen in the discipline and honor, from a very young age. Famed for being a military state it embodied fearlessness and braveness.

This Spartan Skull Ring is made of steel and declined in multiple colorings: Realistic, Silver, Vintage, Gold and Pink. The Realistic color is inspired by the ancient helmets worn by the Spartan army. Moreover, the stainless steel is more affordable and hypoallergenic, it does not fade or rust. It is a unique size, directly adaptable to your fingers. 

18) The Octopus Skull Ring

Octopus Skull Ring

This terrific Skull Ring reminds us of the Kraken, a cephalopod-like monster from the seas in the Scandinavian folklore. It is a monster that terrifies superstitious seamen just like the nymphs in ancient Greeks mythology like the Iliad. The legend says that this sea god can grab boats’ hull, make it sink and eat the sailors.

We all remember the incredible Pirates of the Caribbean’s scene where Jack Sparrow jumps into the depths of the Kraken. This stainless steel ring comes in several sizes and is easy to clean. 

17) The Sugar Skull Ring

Sugar Skull Ring

This elegant Skull Ring presents, a half-woman face and a half Mexican Calavera (skull in Spanish). It is a representation of « El Día de Los Muertos » (The Day of the Dead), a big Mexican Christian celebration of All Saint’s Day.

This Christian celebration, where most of the people would mourn the death of their close friends and family members, is actually a huge « fiesta » in Mexico, where they celebrate life and death by making up their faces with flowered skulls. This beautiful silver ring has a lot of color details like a pink rose on the woman’s head and some golden precisions on the « Calavera ». It is colorful such as « El Día de Los Muertos. »

16 ) The Oni Ring

Oni Ring 

The Japanese Demon’s name is « Oni », a creature from the folklore and is represented with horns and red skin. In mythology, these demons were originally defending humans from monsters, but their proximities with dark forces changed them into evil spirits.

On this silver ring, you can observe a half demon’s head and a half cat’s head. It is red colored in some parts like the Oni’s eye. It also has a Japanese cherry tree’s flowers on the band. This handmade article comes in many sizes to fit you perfectly.

15) The Pirate Skull Ring

Pirate Skull Ring

This golden ring represents a pirate with a headscarf and a rose in his mouth. Symbol of recklessness, pirates are the most badass characters in books and movies. These thieves are cruel and feared as if they were the god of the seas. If you are passionate about pirates’ adventures, this silver ring is made for you. 

In golden silver, this Skull Ring has a round cut emerald in place of the pirate’s eye, making it unique and magnificent. For the emerald maintenance, it is recommended to wash with your fingers to not scratch the precious stone.

14) The Skull Ring with Crown

Skull Ring with Crown

This ring is dedicated to The Lord of the Rings fans, inspired by the King of the Dead who used to be stuck between life and death because of his treason. He then helped the livings for the great battle and got relieved from his malediction.

It is recognizable by its five spikes crown and has smoke coming out his eyes. This terrifying stainless steel ring is a tribute to The Lord of the Ring adventures and is beautifully detailed to express darkness brought to a fever pitch.

13) The Greek God Ring

Greek God Skull Ring

This Skull Ring exemplifies the mythological Greek God named Ares. Son of Zeus and Hera, he is the God of War and Destruction, he is also worshiped as Mars in Roman mythology. If you are Greek mythology enthusiastic and passionated by gods and goddesses from mythologies, this ring can help you.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is easy to maintain and caries thin details on the god’s crown and has angels on the side of the ring. Very light, this ring comes in many sizes, from 8 to 13.

12) The Indian Chief Skull Ring

Indian Chief Skull Ring

This steel ring shows a skull wearing a Native American headdress made of feathers and a geometrical form. Go back in time when the great Native American chiefs were riding horses defending their people and lands against Europeans. Frequently associated with witchcraft, this ring is perfect to show how brave and intrepid you are.

With a severe face, this ring made of stainless steel allows you to wear it on any occasion. Being a very resistant material, steel does not rust or fade and is hypoallergenic.

11) The Baphomet Skull Ring

Baphomet Skull Ring

The Baphomet is worshipped as an incarnation of the evil, represented with a billy goat head and breasts, it is mainly feared because of its ugliness. It is a lot used in black metal music because of his link with Satanism and individualism.

This demonic ring is a billy goat with a reversed Christian cross which is a satanic symbol. This stainless steel ring comes in a lot of sizes and gives you the possibility to show your cheerless side and will stop people from messing with you.

10) The Demon Skull Ring

 Demon Skull Ring

This demon is personified by its three rows thorns, inspired by the Game of Thrones’ King of the Night, it has a big thorn in the middle. This ring will spread chaos everywhere you go. For gothic, metalhead, bikers or even Game of Thrones fan, this Satanic Demon will follow you in the darkest nights. 

Made of silver, this ring is handcrafted and has a golden horn on top of it. This is a unique size you can directly adjust it on your finger.

9) The Skull’n’Snake Skull Ring

Skull and Snake Ring

This silver ring is a snake mingled with a human skull. The reptile has usually an obscure reputation but also represents immortality, infinity and rebirth. Its evil image comes from the Genesis in which it convinced Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

Since then, it is a symbol of sin and treason. If you are bold enough to defy God, this ring is made for you. Handcrafted with silver, this ring comes in lots of sizes and is a great investment if you like sustainable products full of details.

8) The Masonic Skull Ring

Masonic Skull Ring

This ring refers to the fraternal freemasonry organization which took root in the XIV century with stonemasons. This Skull Ring wears the freemasonry symbol made of a triangle and a pair of compasses.

Enter this secret society made of knowledge and sciences worthy of Greek gods. Manufactured with stainless steel, this affordable Skull Ring has care-full details and is handcrafted for men of science and wisdom.  

7) The American Gang Skull Ring

 American Flag Skull Ring

Look at this colorful Skull Ring wearing the iconic Stars and Stripes. Be part of the gang who loves his country and his great culture spread all over the world. With the US flag as a bandana on its mouth, it reminds of the violent history of this reckless and audacious country. Which does not hesitate to crush its enemies.

This stainless steel ring is well crafted to show how proud of your country you are. Shiny as the Stars and Stripes, it will fit you utterly once you choose your size. 

6) The Biker Skull Ring

Biker Skull Ring

Dear bikers, this ring is made for you. Show your big engine ring to your friends, to show them how independent you are. Inspired by and for the Bikers, this « Live to Ride » ring will give you the feeling of freedom you have once you are on the road: unstoppable.

No need to have a Harley Davidson to put it on, you only need the biker’s spirit. Made of stainless steel and affordable, it is perfect for you if can not stop thinking of getting a motorbike or already has one. 

5) The Winged Skull Ring

Winged Skull Ring

Here is a frightening Skull Ring flying on your hand with huge bat wings. Become a nocturnal creature hunting your prey and floating above your enemies. Associated with vampires, bats became a symbol of courage with the Batman, fighting the evil in the night.

Put on this stainless steel ring and use your fears as a power to crush your enemies and follow your dreams. Well crafted, it spreads out on your hand once you choose your size.

4) The Ace of Spades Skull Ring

Ace of Spades Ring

In cartomancy, the ace of spades is occult and inauspicious, usually meaning depression or the end of a relationship, in the worst case scenario, it means death.

This frightening sign is truly aesthetic and has a cross skull in the center, accentuating the death threat. If you like gambling and playing cards, you will love this ring. This black and white ring is made of a high-quality stainless steel and is comfortable. You can also choose the right size after choosing yours.

3) The Viking Skull Ring

Viking Skull Ring

This skull wearing a helmet with two horns reminds us of the great Scandinavian pirates and explorers. Bold as hell, Vikings would cross the seas on board of their magnificent ships to trade and plunder villages. These courageous Norse pagans are a symbol of freedom and independence. Get on board with them to discover the hidden parts of your soul. Made of stainless steel, you can carry it everywhere showing how bright it is.

This well crafted will never fail you. According to a Scandinave proverb « Among the weak, the strongest is the one who does not forget his weakness. » so you better know your Achilles heel. 

2) The Angel Ring

Angel Ring

This gorgeous ring incarnates the afterlife, a skull cloaked in angel wings. Angels being are both evil and divine, this ring will show your dark and your bright side. From the sky, this angel will watch over you and bring you luck, but be careful, Judas was once an angel. 

So pass to the dark side with this Skull Ring. This stainless steel ring carries the fine details such as the golden skull wrapped in silver angel wings. Get the perfect size of your finger and feel free to show off.

1) The Vampire Skull Ring

Vampire Ring

If you are a night person, and love blood and scary stories, this ring is made for you. The Count Dracula is a dreadful legend from Bram Stocker’s epistolary novel. This Transylvanian aristocrat inspired many TV shows and movies and is now thirstier than ever.

If you have an appetite for fresh meat, do not miss the opportunity to gratify it. This Skull Ring showing its fangs is handcrafted and made of sterling silver. With all its details, it makes it a unique piece to dress up your hands in a scary but elegant way.

From now on, if you are seeking for a Skull Ring, you know where to choose the right one. Whether you are a biker, a gothic, metalhead or an outsider, you will find here, the perfect Skull Ring/ Hand crafted and made with passion, these rings are proof of how seriously we take our duty to satisfy your expectations.

Among our items, you will find precious and sustainable designs, adjusted to your finger size. If ignore your size, feel free to look at our size guide and our tutorial to measure your different fingers. You can notice the big return of skulls in many luxury brands such as Balmain or Philip Plein, but Unholy Skull is always ahead and offers you the possibility to trust in the incredible manufacture of our products.

If you have tattoos and love wearing leather jackets and boots, buy smart and try our special total look offer with our Skull Rings. Would you like to stand out from the crowd? This original accessory made of silver or steel is perfect for you or as a gift. Free yourself from professional work and finally be your true self.

Whether its style is discreet or not, our Skull Rings will bring out its own unique sense of style.

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