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Today, THE SKULL LORD would like to share with you a beautiful discovery, even if it's off theme. Let's talk about it: it's a superb site with a cool thematic... “Rappers Jewelry”! In fact, the correct name for rapper’s jewelry is: “Iced out Jewelry”! From rings to chains and pendants “recovered by diamonds” (that’s why we call them “Iced Out”), Iced Up London (the name of the shop in question) offers an incredible range of quality Iced Out Pieces🙂

Iced Out Jewelry Shop


America's inspiration is undeniable in the jewelry and style of ICED UP LONDON. This is what makes the heart of the site. This mix of Rappers / Athletes Styles is a genius move by the brand. Instead of being rooted in a basic style, the mix has created unique Iced Out Jewelry

Instead of being rooted in a basic style, the mix has created unique Diamond-Covered Jewelry (Iced Out Jewelry). 💎

It is this blend that is now winning over a community that is becoming more and more interested in the style of American Rappers and Artists. Without forgetting a specific occidental streetwear style also from the USA. 🇺🇸

Trippie Redd


The site now includes more than 200 products and more than 6 big different collections. Get your Rapper Chain, Pendant, Bracelet, Ring, Earring, etc... at very affordable prices. 💎

The Team also launched its first Iced Out Watch a few months ago. After the great success of the launch, the number of watches on the site has increased and there are now about 5 Bust Down Models available. ✨ 

What is most appealing is the quality of the watch for an affordable price ($60 in general). 🤑

Iced Out Pieces


Iced Up London's Iced out Pendants are of the finest quality.👑 There is a piece for everyone: from the Skull Pendants to the Jesus Pieces... and more original designs for artists and Bling lovers!

Iced Up London's experts have designed these little jewels in 18K Gold Plated & White Gold Plated: visual pleasure guaranteed. No change of color, no rust and no traces left on the skin when used, THE SKULL LORD approved. 👌

Iced Out Pendants


We love go out with Jewelry... if it's Iced Out and massive (or sober) 💎!  Worn as a Symbol by Rappers and Athletes for decades, today's Iced Out Bracelet has become popular for everyone, men and women combined. Whether you opt for a discreet model or a more assertive look 👑, Iced Up London brings a diamond shine on your wrist ✨!

Iced Out Bracelets


Wearing an Iced Out ring is a sign of great prestige and wealth 👑. You will find in the Iced Out Ring collection rings made with refinement & other iconic rings such as the Gucci Link Ring worn by all rappers today, Iced Out Rings are pieces every bling bling lover should wear. 💍

Iced Out Rings


We saved the best for last. Their Iced Out Chain collection! As YoungBoy would say, "Never Broke Again." Adopting this style worn by the richest people in the Rap game, wearing their jewelry is marking your belonging to a group united by Rap, Sport and Wealth.  A special mention for the quality of their Simulated Diamonds Stones💎, simply exceptional.

Iced Out Chains


The user experience has been pleasing, here we go straight to the point. The products are beautiful, the presentation is great, and as for the ordered and received Iced Out Pendant, simply brilliant! 👌

The navigation on their site is autopilot, simple and intuitive. Their range of products is complete, whether you like it or not, you can't remain insensitive to it💪.

This shop has managed to bring out the provocative aspect of Iced Out Jewelry, it reminds us that everyone can look good without breaking the bank 🤑. THE SKULL LORD approved! 👊 

trippie redd skeleton


ICED UP LONDON is THE best place for all Iced Out Jewelry lovers. Get Iced Up with the best Chains, Rings, Pendants & Bracelets for Rap/HipHop lovers! 💎

Shop Iced Out Jewelry

For formalities, Iced Up London accepts classic payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Apple Pay. After your order, you can track your package to your home, directly from their website.

You can, of course, return the item if it is faulty and a team is present to answer all your questions via email or DM Instagram. The best for last: the shipping costs are free!

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