The 2020's Halloween Accessories Guide

Dressing up is a must for a successful Halloween party, but it's not everything! To become unrecognizable, there's nothing like using makeup on your face. With a bit of imagination and skill, you can easily make scary make-up, adapted to different themes.

Skeleton, bloodthirsty clown, scary animals or any other terrifying character, far away from cartoons and celebrities! Between effects of sewn mouth, bloody face, gaping mouth, vampire teeth, undead eyes, wings, it's up to you to choose the intensity of your makeup to terrify your whole entourage. We made a guide to help you to accessorize your costume to make sure you will scared everybody !

How to accessorize your Halloween costume for 2020?

Prolong the magic of Halloween with accessories ! A magic cauldrons ready to receive your worst potions for witches, sharp knives still bloody for famous killer character and vampire teeth that will fit perfectly in the neck of your poor victims. You will inspire fear and respect to anyone who would dare to approach you.

Sometimes you may also want to complete your costume by choosing other Halloween accessories sold separately. No matter how you choose to dress up for Halloween. Whether you choose to trick-or-treat with the kids, hand out treats at home or go to a Halloween party, you can find all ideas you need to really personalize your costume.

1. Skeletons, Devils or Clowns. Find the perfect accessory for your halloween !

 Halloween Couples Costumes

Tonight is Halloween, you've already purchased a Halloween costume for an adult or child, nothing prevents you from "customizing" it by adding carefully chosen Halloween accessories and creating a real monster yourself. If you'd rather reverse the roles and think you're a victim, consider our fake scratches and wounds that are more real than life. Sensitive souls, refrain!

If your costume requires a different hair color or a more delirious hairstyle than you usually have, you can use a Halloween wig. If you find that your Halloween costume still lacks a few little touches to be truly complete, no problem, from masks to contact lenses, or fake vampire teeth to fake blood or a devil's trident, Unholy Skull ideas are unlimited. As you can guess Halloween, it's our favorite day of the year.

2. Halloween accessories and decorations for the best Halloween Party ever

Halloween Decorations 

The Halloween party is fast approaching! You've finally found the Halloween costume you've been looking for, the one that will set you apart from the other guests. Original, classic, sexy, terrifying or even gory, it doesn't matter, now you have to accessorize it!

What would a witch be without a hat, broom and hooked nose? What would a vampire look like without a cape or dentures? Mask, fake weapon, lenses, wig, jewelry, fake hand or cut off finger. It's your turn to make a choice among millions of possibilities.

Nothing should be neglected for a successful Halloween party, in fact, apart of trick or treat at each door of your neighborhood, it is also the moment to show your skills in term of creativity and creation. Tons of small and big kids will knock at your and if you want to make the best spooky effect, accessorize your house. When it's well done, it's purely scary !

Why dress up and accessorize yourself for Halloween?

Halloween Parade


Halloween is a very popular Anglo-Saxon holiday imported straight from the United States. Halloween has been revived in Europe in recent years, and has become a traditional festival in its own right. According to some ancient Celtic beliefs, it is the night of October 31, on the eve of All Saints' Day, that evil spirits come to haunt the world of the living.

It is thus customary to dress up in Halloween costumes and masks, each more frightening than the next, in order to frighten and chase away these wandering and grieving souls among the living. Today, it is mostly children who dress up and roam the neighborhood streets in search of candy, sweets or chocolates, promising the worst spells and pranks to the adults!

Who has never heard or said the famous phrases "candy or a spell" or "trick or treat" on Halloween? "by ringing a stranger's doorbell or opening the door?

1. How to dress up for Halloween?

Halloween Horror Costume


Are you looking for a gruesome Halloween costume? Don't panic! Unholy Skull selected some good ones for you. In short, disguises of monsters and imaginary creatures, each one more terrifying and frightening than the other.

Of course, children's Halloween costumes are not to be outdone! Girls and boys can choose from the same classic themes as adults, namely costumes of Ghostbusters uniforms or Dracula. To continue in this movie inspired costume, why not go for Harry Potter theme. Witch broom, magic wand, long cap and don't forget your owl!

Our first advice to make sure you will be in the mood of Halloween is colors. The main October, 31st colors are black, white, purple, and orange; as well as the monsters and emblematic characters of this popular festival such as the disguises of witches, devils and demons of all kinds, vampires, zombies, or even evil clowns!

The most original among you will gladly opt for a pumpkin-shaped dress, a skeleton costume, a disguise of an undead nurse or a ghost bride. Finally, fans of horror and horror movies will turn to the outfits and gadgets of iconic serial killers such as Scream's mask, Freddy Krueger's claw, or Jason's machete from the movie "Friday the 13th".

2. Halloween Accessories DIY

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Customize your costume to make it unique. Whether you need hats, masks, fake swords, animal ears, wigs or superhero capes, we have all the Halloween accessories you need at everyday low prices. If you are a little bit short of money for this year, no worries. Since 2020, people tend to make more things by themselves.

Now, there is tons of Halloween tutorials and DIYs directly accessible to children in kindergarten or elementary school on internet and Youtube, so don't hesitate to get them involved. Get inspired by a Halloween accessories to make on those kind of videos, gather the necessary materials and get into a scary DIY for Halloween. Children, like adults, should love reproducing a do-it-yourself Halloween spider web, belt, knife, pants.

Preparing for a DIY Halloween is an opportunity to make this holiday, often described as commercial, more personal and authentic. Moreover, it allows you to share creative moments with your family and to let your children discover the pleasure of hand-made products. Painted or engraved pumpkins, cardboard garland, ghost-shaped place-markers, scary scarecrow... A good alternative to save money and recycle certain materials such as glass bottles or scraps of fabric. A fun and ecological party, we say yes!

If you really want to scare the shit out of your friends, you won't have to skimp on the details and your best allies are obviously the Halloween costume accessories! Find all the gadgets you need to give your character more realism and make his outfit more attractive: witch hats, Dracula's false teeth, bloody plastic weapons, Frankenstein wigs, horrible masks, latex scars, fake blood....

If you want to complete your custom for this October's event, Unholy Skull has T-Shirt, Bandanas, Face Mask and Belt Buckles with Skull on it. Don't hesitate to follow us on our socials, we frequently organize giveaways, and we are really active on it too! If possible, tag us on Instagram with your 2020's Halloween Costume and Accessories !

Also, feel free to leave a comment in the section below, we always love to know more about our spooky clients, and their remarks.


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