Top 10: Best Biker Halloween Costume for 2020

When we say Autumn, we all mean Halloween! Soon, by the end of this month, biker friends are getting ready to dress up to scare you on the roads, but also to eat candy and make jokes... You who are bikers, why not wear a terrifying costume for the occasion, and personalize your motorcycles and outfits?

Imagine a zombie, a monster, a reaper riding a motorcycle...! Scary, isn't it?
To spend a memorable Halloween, we share with you some scary ideas.

What are the origins of Halloween?

We all know the Halloween party which takes place mainly in all Anglo-Saxon countries and in Europe on the evening of October 31st. However, few of us know its origins. Briefly, Halloween is an Anglo-Celtic folk festival that was celebrated after Easter. It was only in the 8th century that it was celebrated on the eve of the Christian feast of All Saints.

This festival has therefore already existed for more than ten centuries, but it was especially in the 19th century that it became more democratic. It was the mass arrival of Irish and Scottish migrants to the United States and Canada that marked it. Today, the main custom of this holiday is to dress up in a spooky costume and go door-to-door for sweets, saying this phrase: "Trick or treat"!

This holiday is also an opportunity to decorate your home with lanterns carved out of jack-o'-lantern, cobwebs, skeletons, etc., and let your creativity run free! What motorcycle equipment to choose for a Halloween costume?
If you don't do things by halves and like to customize your biker outfit to suit your moods and occasions, we've created this special Halloween must-have list for you.

TOP 10 : Best Biker Halloween Costume

Vests, jackets and lots of leather. The biker disguise is fun and a bit rebellious at the same time. Depending on what type of biker you are, biker disguises are available for the whole family. For the youngest, you will find leather jackets, t-shirts and vests, even babies will be the most rebellious with their tattooed sleeves.

1. The Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Costume


The Ghost Rider is a hot guy. With a skull of a head and flames for hair, he spends his evenings on his motorcycle looking for bad guys to teach a lesson. Blaze is therefore an over-powerful being and perhaps the most powerful character in the Marvel universe.

With a single glance, he traumatizes human beings in the depths of their souls because he makes them feel the consequences of their bad deeds and he inspires terror and remorse. It is by far the most emblematic character for a Bikers' Halloween.

2. The Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Costume


The Grim Reaper is an important theme in contemporary gothic and fantasy culture in posters, paintings, t-shirts, tattoos. It is also one of the most terrifying figures in the world. Imagine, you, on your motorcycle with a mask of this character and frightened your neighborhood or city! Without a doubt, one of our favorite costumes.

3. Spider-Man

Spider-Man Costume


You may have already seen them around your home or on social networks. But the spider-man costume goes well with bikers. Indeed, it's quite close to the body and tight, but all the kids and older kids will look at you on your motorcycle with a big smile. A spider-man halloween biker costume is guaranteed to be a fun Halloween October 31st.

4. Jack-O'-Lantern

Jack O Lantern Costume


The Jack-O'-Lantern is an unavoidable Halloween accessory decoration and will remain so for this year 2020. Inside or outside the house, it is always there. So why not be original and turn yourself into Jack-O'-Lantern this year. It's original and quite fun. Some bikers don't hesitate to make this costume a bit badass with a meaner face. Just try it on!

5. The Devil

Devil Costume


Have you thought about dressing up for the next Dark Lord bikers' costume? This is your chance to disguise yourself as a demon, devil or she-devil and send everyone to hell!

At the origin of evil, the spirit of evil in the world, he is represented under an aspect that varies between man and real or imaginary animals (bear, goat, dragon, bird of prey, etc.), most often with hideous and repulsive features.

6. The Joker

Joker Costume


Did you know that there is a group of Bikers called the "Joker Biker Gang". They are bikers like you, probably, but they idolize the movie character. His love for anarchy and the overthrow of society makes him a friend of bikers.

Is the Joker a psychopath? A criminal genius? A revolutionary? Or all three at once? The craziest of DC's super villains has as many variations as appearances in geek culture. This year, be a The Joker!

7. The Witch Biker

Witch Biker Costume


This idea is women oriented but if you are a dude and you wanna try, don't hesitate, It's Halloween, come on! Be sure to wear a pointy hat in the image of your nose, and wear colors such as black, green and purple.

Flying on her broomstick like you would on your motorcycle, the witch is a Halloween icon, from the youngest to the oldest, and she is a symbol of Halloween.

8. Skeleton

Skeleton Costume


Maybe the most obvious of our selection, but honestly it is one of the easiest. It doesn't a lot of preparation, it suits to men, women or kids. So if you plan to bike with your friends, kids or wife/husband. It is great one !

If you are looking for the perfect outfit to celebrate Halloween, the skeleton costume will be perfect for you. The predominant look will be black and will be decorated with white bones and skulls. Make up like a skull and crossbones with skeleton and skull makeup to complete your costume, it's pretty simple and will help you complete your look.

9. The Terminator

Terminator Costume


After The Ghost Rider, it is probably the second most famous movie character with a motocycle, a Harley Davidson in this case. Science fiction fans will be able to experience the feeling of power by simply donning the Terminator disguise at themed Halloween Bikers parties. The bandits will just have to behave themselves!

You'll feel like a different man once you put on your hero's costume.This killer robot will distract your friends and scare the most sensitive!

10. Viking

Viking Costume


Have you loved watching a certain series about the Vikings in the last few years?! You secretly dream of making a Drakkar?! By Odin, one thing is for sure! You will have everything of a brave Scandinavian warrior, think of the multitude of accessories like axes, swords, hammers or helmets, to complete your Viking costume.

To take the Viking idea a step further, why not custom up your bike to give it an aggressive Viking look.

In the following, we review a few costumes for bikers that you should wear this 2020's Halloween party. If you are more attracted to terror, you will find a zombie biker disguise consisting of a mask with helmet, vest, armor, belt and gloves. What was your favorite?

Let us know in comment section below, we are curious to know your opinion. In all cases, if you want to complete your costume with some accessories such as Skull Rings, Skull Necklace and a Leather Jacket, we have all of! Our product are made with selected materials in order to give you the best quality.

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